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SITE UPDATE - December 2017

Please note all fixtures for next year are here. This is the provisional list so it may change at a later date. We will of course notify of any changes.

2018 Fixtures

SITE UPDATE - November 2017

Again I must appologise for the lack of updates on the site. If anyone wants to take over the updates I can send you FTP access. I really struggle with time for updating the site and as much as I'd like to, I just never get the time. All results have been updated. We also have the Christmas match at Orchard on 10th December. Please can you pay the £5 deposit for prizes by 26th November.

SITE UPDATE - July 13th 2017

Apologies to everyone for missing the updates on the site. I always mean to add the results but they invariably get buried under the mountain of emails I get right now. I will try harder to get the results on here. If you use Facebook Stu has created a New Milton AC Facebook page and he updates the results directly on there all the time. Everything is now up to date.

SITE UPDATE - March 17th 2017

Please note there is a slight fixture change for our next match. Instead of fishing Cottage and Selwood, we're now fishing the outer snake at Withy. All the resutls from our recent matches have been updated and the knbockout tables are now up to date.

SITE UPDATE - January 3rd 2017

Happy New Year all members and visitors. The site is now up to date with new fixtures and final results. Congratulations to Ken for winning the Knockout and being the Sunday Champion. It looks like weight decided the result, so just 17lb was the margin of victory! Such a close run thing. Pairs champs were Bob Wack and Colin Marshall. Colin also fought off Andy Dawkins to take the silvers trophy as well. Our first match is this Sunday 8th Janaury 2017 at Hordle Lakes. We will also be having our AGM before the start so please ensure you are there on time.

SITE UPDATE - October 24th 2016

All results for the September match are live.

SITE UPDATE - August 26th 2016

All results for evening series and main league are now updated. I fished an evening series match so that makes it 2 matches this year!

SITE UPDATE - July 26th 2016

All results for evening series and main league are now updated. Sorry for the lack of updates, I've not had any time at all to get the site updated.

SITE UPDATE - May 13th 2016

Site has been updated now with the results from the Whitemoor match. The next match is at Dandy's Ford, this will also be the presentation of the trophies from last year. Can everyone please return all trophies from last year so they can be engraved. The final round of the knockout groups has now passed. The final table is on the results page. Finally we have booked a club away day at Viaduct for 10th June 2017. This will be an awesome day out with a lot of fish to be caught. We are limiting this to 20 anglers, we will also ask for a £5 deposit to fish the event to secure your place. More details will be posted nearer the time. And finally, the evening series is now 2 matches in. The fixture list is on the site. If you want to fish, just turn up before the draw.

SITE UPDATE - April 6th 2016

Site has been updated now with the results from the Hordle match. The next match is this Sunday at Withertington. Hopefully the weather will be like last weekend. There are 2 matches left to qualify for the knock-out. The top 4 in each table go forwards. Tight lines all.

SITE UPDATE - March 2nd 2016

Site has been updated now with the results from the Orchard match. Please also take note of the draw for the group stages of the knockout. For those that don't know, the knockout starts as a group qualifier, where the top 4 anglers on weight go forwards to the knockout rounds. The weight is an aggregate of 4 matches from Feb to May, the top 4 qualify from there in each group table. Our next match is next weekend at Hordle, which I'm hoping to make. I look forward to seeing you all soon.

SITE UPDATE - January 21st 2016

Site has been updated now with the results from the first match of 2016. Before the match there was the AGM which we now carry on the first match of the year. All the same commitee members were voted back in. There were no major changes put fowards for this year. Trevor stepped down as Chairman and Colin Mapsotne has taken over. All dates for the coming year are confirmed and posted on here. Hope to see you all on the next match.

SITE UPDATE - December 18th 2015

Site has been updated now with the final results. Hope everyone has had a good year. I didn't get to a single match this year sadly. My fishing has taken a real backseat recently and I can't see that changing much for the next few years as my young faimly get older. Have a great Christmas and New Year. The fixtures for 2016 are also now live. Please note the first match of 2016 is 3rd January at Hordle

SITE UPDATE - November 18th 2015

Site has been updated now with the results from Orchard. Our last match of the season is on 13th December and this will be a fur and feather so get booked in at Christchurch Angling Centre and pay your £5.

SITE UPDATE - November 2nd 2015

Site has been updated now. Please note the December match is a fur and feather and requires an advance payment of £5 to fish. All members will get a prize so well worth fishing.I'm hoping to make this match myself. Fixtures for 2016 are here.

SITE UPDATE - October 14th 2015

Website is now up to date for September match

SITE UPDATE - July 24th 2015

I know, I know, the site hasn't been updated in a while. I'm not going to try and make any excuses, my life is going a million miles an hour right now! Sadly we didn't make it throguh the Supercup, we got bashed up by Orchard's best team. Todber was on an off-day and we struggled for bites on most pegs. Anyway the club championship results and all the knockout stuff is updated now. The evening series is in full swing as well, with the 2nd of the 3 series now complete. If you have a spare Wednesday evening it would be great to see you.

SITE UPDATE - June 5th 2015

Results have updated at last. Work is busy these days so struggling to keep on top of things. We've got the next round of supercup at Todber on 20th. The team is myself, Pete Arnold, Stitch, Colin Saviour, Ken Goode and Colin Marshall. Let's hope we do well.

SITE UPDATE - May 11th 2015

Sorry for the late update, I've been away and the update fell of my to do list. The weather has improved and so has the fishing. We have a team through to the second round of the Angling Times Supercup Knock-out, which is great news for the clue. We have to meet 2 Orchard teams in June for the next round. We have booked Todber Manor Park lake for 20th June which is a Saturday. Please those of you that fished the last round please keep your diaries open for this date. The Evening Series has also just started. Please see the reults and fixtures in the usual spot.

SITE UPDATE - March 23rd 2015

The results from Orchard are now up. I see Brian is still yet to weight anything in yet. Is this a new record?! Well done to all that have started the season well. Stitch still has a perfect score, which means he's well on course to get his name on the trophy. All those representing us in Super Cup should now have heard from the relevant captain. The B team are fishing at Dandy's Ford against the New Milton C team and Ringwood B team, so it should be a good contest. The A team are against Orchard as well at Orchard Lakes main lake. Good luck to all those fishing.

SITE UPDATE - February 17th 2015

Results for the recent match at Orchard are now live. Please note the draw for the Knockout Cup has been done. This means everyone is divided into groups with the 4 matches from Feb to May included in the qualifying rounds. The top 4 on weight make it through to the next stage. New Milton also have 2 teams in Angling Times Supercup so more of you will get a chance to represent the club and try and get both teams through to the next round. Please note the matches are scheduled for 4/5th April, which is Easter. You should already know what team you are in and the repsective captian will be in touch to make arrangements shortly. In terms of the draw, the A team is against an Orchard lakes team and the B team are against Orchard Lakes and Ringwood DAA. So far the venues haven't been fully finalised but we will let everyone know as soon as we have this sorted.

SITE UPDATE - January 12th 2015

Happy New Year everyone. I hope everyone is well. Results for the first match of the year are posted. We also had the AGM before the match and there wasn't any major changes to the way the club is run in the back of the meeting. The same baord were re-elected. The details for the Angling Times Supercup have been released. We will enter a team again this year, but for the first few rounds only 6 anglers are required to fish. I will put our strongest team in this year so we can be competitive. The first round is 4/5th April 2015.

SITE UPDATE - December 17th 2014

The final results for 2014 are now live on the site. Well done to Darel and Gordon who picked up the Sunday Championship and the Knockout Cup respectively. Sadly the fishing looked very hard for many with Canal throwing up the best weights again. Those fish must be starving! The committee would like to thank everyone for their involvement this year and for making the club as enjoyable as ever. As happens every year we have our AGM on the first match of the year at Hordle. Please be aware this starts at 8:15am, so please get there in plenty of time so we can start on time. The same members are up for re-election to the committee. It is necessary to hold a vote on this so we need as many memebers there as possible to form the quorum. The fixtures for next year are also live on the site so please add them to your diaries. Thanks again for making the club as successful as it has been. We have some new memebers joining us next year so it should be a very good 2015. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our club members and your families.

SITE UPDATE - November 20th 2014

Results are now live from the match at Orchard. Sorry it's late, I've had a lot going on recently with work as it's peak online selling activity. It looks from the results that it was a very tight match with not a lot seperating the final scores. I think it's now safe to say Darel is this year's champion. Barring any disasters and he turns up I can't really see any way of anyone beating his score this year. The only way that Pete would win is if Darel doesn't fish or gets 4 points or more and Pete gets a section win and catches 11lb more than Darel. The last match also has the final of the knockout with Colin up against Gordon, who are both new memebers this year. Let's hope you a decent day and plenty of fish caught.

SITE UPDATE - October 28th 2014

Results are now live from Sunday. The lakes we were on produced some good match fishing with no real runaway winners making for a close contest. With the knockout running at semi-final levels it was great to see 2 new members this year through to the final. We're assured that there will be a new name on the cup. In the fight for overall Sunday champion Darel's 5 pointer can be dropped, so he's still got a 5 point cushion going into the last 2 rounds. Barring any major setbacks it's pretty safe to assume it's in the bag. Next match is at Orchard lakes on the match lake.

SITE UPDATE - September 15th 2014

First of all sorry for the lack of updates, my work life has become incredibly busy which has got in the way of any updates. As you can tell I've not been fishing in months so this is all slipping off my radar. The recent matches have produced some excellent weights with Martin hitting the magic double ton at Greenridge. I'm pretty sure this is a new PB and also probably a new record for New Milton. Well done Mart, it must have been black! All results, tables etc have been updated. I hope to see you all before the end of the year, but with 2 young kids and a nagging wife who knows!

SITE UPDATE - June 13th 2014

The site now has all results added for both evening series and the last club match at Dandy's Ford. Thanks to eberyone for stopping after the match to have the BBQ and presentation. I hope you all enjoyed the day and the food. John did a great effort to cater for us all, especially the breakfast which was as good as usual. At the presentation we also did the draw for the Knock-out, which is now live on the site. Next match is at Todber, however please note it's at White Post, not Park Lake. White Post has 2 lakes with the bottom lake stuffed with small carp and F1s and the top lake with quality carp. The best way to find the lakes is to go past the road for park lake heading north and take the next left. There is a car garage and cars on the corner and it's just behind there.

SITE UPDATE - May 21st 2014

Results for the evening series and Sunday's match at Greenridge FLE are live. Please note that the next figure at Dandy's Ford is our presentation and BBQ, so the draw is earlier than was last advertised. Please can you all stay on afterwards to socialise and enjoy the food. The presentation of last year's winners' trophies will be done as well. The draw for the knockout will be done at the next commitee meeting. I will post the draw up once it has been done. This won't recommence until the July match at Todber so the Dandy's match won't count for the knockout in any way. Final league standings are live. Have you made it through?

SITE UPDATE - April 16th 2014

Results from Withy are up. First thing to say thanks to those that fished for the club in the Angling Times Supercup. We didn't get throguh saldy against a very strong Orchard team. Both Ken and Pete did win their sections so it was nice to upset a few of the Orchard regulars. I have updated the results now so everything is correct. The evening series starts on 7th May at Hordle Spring Lake and will continue right through until September!

SITE UPDATE - March 18th 2014

The results from Sunday's match at Hordle are updated. Please note that the club has entered a team for the Angling Times Supercup. The draw for this has matched us against Orchard Lakes and Ringwood AC at Orchard Lakes on 5th April. The team for this was selected from the top finishers last year. We wish them the best of luck in the competiton and hope to take some scalps on the day. Orchard are going to be very hard to beat on their own patch. The team is as follows:

Peter Arnold (c)
Matt Rodwell
Martin Fisher
Ken Goode
Chris Gover
Ian McCall
Kendal Barry
Terry Rodwell

Reserves: Ivor Brittain, Ray Toole, Colin Sevior

I have notified everyone so can you all please confirm with me that you can make it. Thanks Richard

SITE UPDATE - Feb 18th 2014

Please can you vote for a new venue for next year above before going any further. I have added the results from the Orchard match so well done to those that fished it. It did look to be another tought match for many. Considering how many fish there are in that lake you can see the full extent of the weather we've been having. Not much else to report other than we've entered another team for the Angling Times Supercup which will be on 5th or 6th April. Nothing else has been announced yet, but we expect to be up against Ringwood and / or Orchard Lakes as usual. Furthermore the knock-out has now started, take a look to see which section you are in and who you need to beat on weight to make it through to the knock-out stages.

SITE UPDATE - January 15th 2014

Results for the 2014 season are now updated. Please take note of the AGM announcement above. The knockout qualification stages starts on the next match with the next 4 matches counting towards the qualification league. We will draw the leagues on teh next commitee meeting before the next match.

SITE UPDATE - December 10th

Final results are now updated for the whole season. Well done to Matt Rodwell for claiming his maiden club championship. He's fished very well all year and has probably been the most improved over the past couple of years. His results have been really consistent so again well done for a great performance. I must also congratulate Bob Hall on the silvers title. He held off a late Challenge from Darrel on the last match, but clung on with a 7lb gap. The pairs champions for the year were Neil and Matt. Well done chaps. And finally another knock-out cup trophy goes to Colin Mapstone, who claimed the cup with a 4lb defeat of Ken Goode. Sorry I couldn't make the last match guys, kids were sick and the ball and chain needed a hand. Our next match is the first weekend of the New Year. At this match we'll be having our AGM so please can you all get there early so we can conclude proceedings before the match itself. It was decided that we'll not have a presentation evening this year, but a BBQ in the summer. This is to be confirmed on date. Have a great Christmas everyone and see you all in the New Year.

SITE UPDATE - November 27th

Result tables have been updated and the championship is now getting very tight still. There are currently 2 points seperating 4 guys. As usual Pete is still leading the table but is joined by Matt with just overall weight seperating them. I like it when there's something to play for in the last match. Let's hope they all draw on the same lake in a couple of weeks time. Next year's fixtures are nearly completed, here's what we have planned already: 2014 Fixtures.

SITE UPDATE - October 15th

Results are live from Revels. Has everyone dried off now? What a miserable day to be out fishing. Today has been glorious with some warm sunshine, why can't we get this when we fish Revels?? The summary of the match is pretty hard to do, either you were on an island peg with carp or you weren't. Those with an island did better and caught those elusive carp, the rest struggled for bites as the skimmers didn't really want to feed like they can do. Given the distance to go to Revels, I'd rather book Viaduct, which is about another 15 minutes travelling time, or have more matches at Hordle. I feel that Revels is very peggy and is a long way to go. We can discuss this at the AGM in a few weeks time. Date to be announced later. The league tables are really hotting up now. The overall table has just 1 point seperating 4 anglers. It's even closer on the silvers with Bob and Colin just 1oz apart. We also now have the finalists for the knock-out, which will see Colin Mapstone up against Ken on our last match at Hordle in December. Let's hope they get drawn on the same lake to make it interresting.

SITE UPDATE - October 14th

Results have been posted up to yesterday's match. No results as yet from Revels, will be in a few days.

SITE UPDATE - August 27th

Results from the last match at Greenridge are now live. Judging by the weights there were several PBs set. My eyes must be gonig funny, but I see another 100lb+ from Mr Keen. Must have been solid! I presume most of the big weights came off canal 3? I also see a new member fished, Gordon. He's just got back into fishing recently. I'm sure he was happy after getting a ton on his first match! Weird how he got 5 points for such a good weight. On a personal note my wife had our baby on Monday, the day after the match. She was 7-15 and slipped out very easily. She's called Charlotte and will probably keep me from fishing for a few weeks more. Hope to see you all soon.

SITE UPDATE - July 16th

Results from Sunday's match at Todber and the recent evening results are now live. I hope everyone is ok after the blazing heat from Sunday. I know Richi Lines was struggling after a punishing day with 30°+ temperatures to contend with. It was so hot I couldn't hold my pole! I think this match had the most consistent weights for any match this year with a few making it over the 100lb mark and several just below it. It was a proper close match in section 1, with just 2oz seperating Ken and Matt for fisrt place. Never mind Matt, you'll just have to pay for the cinema tickets yourself this time. That will probaly be it for myself this year with a new arrival due in the middle of August. I hope to maybe make a match before the end of the year if I can get some time away.

SITE UPDATE - June 11th

The full results have been checked and updated. Hopefully Matt's scores are correct. I think everyone caught a few with a few expections (some dodgy scoucer that is sadly also my partner). I've been sick as a dog since Sunday night, so I'm not gonig to write much. Next match is in July at Todber, hope to see you all there.

SITE UPDATE - May 23rd

Results for Sunday's match at Greenridge are now live as well as the recent evening series results. Greenridge provided the best fishing of the year for most, those of us on lake 1 were struggling a little, which alway seems to be the case for us unlucky enough to draw there. There are a lot of fish in that lake so maybe they just are bit hard to catch. The final groups for the knockout are now decided, well done to all qualifiers. The next round will be drawn on our next comittee meeting with the knockout due to be fought out on the 14th July at Todber Manor. We're now 4 matches into the evening series. Paul Dibden is leading with 3 section wins so far. He's had a very good start to the series so he'll be right up there at the end of the series. Next club match is on 9th June at Dandy's Ford. Good brekfast to be had as well as an increased match time of 6 hours, which is a first for us, but hopefully will make the fishing even better when we finish later.

SITE UPDATE - April 24th

Results for the Todber match are now live. Well all that can be said about Todber was, it was windy! Very windy! Shame really as that ruined a good match for myself and a few others that were brave enough to hold 16m of pole. The weights were ok for the conditions. The following weekend say 4 ton plus weights so it looks like we warmed them up for the next match. The evening series starts next week, 1st May. I'm personally looking forwards to it as it does often produce the best fishing of the year. First match is at Hordle, Spring. Hope to see you all there.

SITE UPDATE - March 27th

Pete is now back from his cruise so I now have the results from the recent match at Revels. By all accounts it was an enjoyable day even in the bitter wind and odd snow flutters. As I didn't fish this one either I can't comment on the results or the fishery. I also heard that Martin Chambers was bored of the fishing and decided to go for a swim. I hear he's ok and he says thanks to all those that helped him out the water and got him warm. I can imagine he's still trying to warm up after that little dip! Next match is on 14th April at Todber Manor. Also please bar in mind the summer evening series will be starting at the beginning of May. If this weather doesn't improve soon we're going to be really suffering in the darkness. Come on spring where are you?!

SITE UPDATE - Feb 15th

Appologies for the lack of site updates. I have been mad busy at work and this always got pushed back. The draw for the Knock-out is up as well as the results from our first 2 matches. I have also added the results from the whole of last year. Congrats again to Colin for winning the overall title. I will post up a list of the cup winners etc in due course. I'd also really like any pictures from the presentation if possible so I can try and add them to the site. There's a contact form on the navigation. Please use it to get in touch.

SITE UPDATE - November 27th.

The results for the last match at Orchard are now published. It really is tight now at the top with 1 point seperating 5 anglers. It makes the last match of the season a real crunch affair. Colin and Pete are in the driving seat and sit in first and second on 16 points. As it stands Colin will need to hope he gets a better result than Pete as Pete has a bigger overall weight. The placing are done on points first then weight, so yours truely has to hope for a mssive weight or snookers to get to the top postion. Well done to Martin on Sunday for the section and overall win. Just goes to show the lucky binbag is not just a fashion statement but a key ingredient to success. Just to spice things up even more the final of the knockout is on this Sunday too, with Darel up against Colin Seviour for the title. It's a straight shoot out for top weight between them. See you all this weekend, It's all going to be very exciting. Let's hope the weather doesn't turn too wintry.

SITE UPDATE - November 15th.

Appologies to all who have been chasing me to update the site. I have had such a busy couple of months at work that this completely fell off my radar. All scores are now updated and the leader board. There are just 3 points seperating the top 6, so with just 2 macthes left this year it certainly is not decided yet. Our next match is on 25th November at Orchard Lakes. Hopefully we won't need ice breakers like we did earlier in the year. See you all then.

SITE UPDATE - September 4th.

The results and scores from the Greenridge match are now up. Well done to all that fished. It was a harder than expect match with some unseasonably low weights. It's a shame it fished so poorly as it certianly is a lot better fishery than the results protray. Our next match is at Dandy's Ford. Please note the change in time back 9.45am draw (I will also remind myself as I have been rubbish the last 2 matches!!). The breakfast is great at Dandy's so best to get down early before it's all been eaten by Dick. The overall table is looking rather spicy as we now have 3 people tied at the top with only 60lb sperating the places. There is a long way still to go this season so anything can happen. Please also note the Knock-out starts again on Sunday so keep an eye out for who your are up against.

SITE UPDATE - August 8th.

Results for the past few matches have all been updated. The final standings of the evening series are now up also. It was a very tight contest which went down to the final evening. Well done to all who took part. The Sunday series results are also up and with only 2 points seperating the top 8 anglers it does make for a very competitive end to the season. There are only 5 matches left now so it's all to play for. Our next match is at Greenridge Farm. By all accounts the fishing is still awesome. On lake 3 there have been several 200lb+ weights this season with most anglers getting over 100lb on all the lakes. Can't wait to get down there again!

SITE UPDATE - May 17th.

The results for the final placing for the knockout are up. Seems there is a lot of interest on where everyone has finished. Group A was really close between 3 of us, however it's irrelevant where you finish in the top 4 as it's all on the draw for the next match. Todber fished well for many, which was great after having to suffer the typhoon we had at Coking farm. For those that aren't aware Neil set a PB that day with 163lb. We would give him more credit but unsurprisingly he had an end peg with about 50 yards to fish into, but you've still got to catch them. Our next match is at Dandy's Ford with a nice later draw of 10.45, which gives us all plenty of time to enjoy the breakfast on offer.
The results for the evening series are now updated too. For those that can fish Wednesday evenings we alternate from Orchard to Hordle through 12 weeks in the summer. We've just reached the end of the first 3 matches and now it's float only with the method being banned.

SITE UPDATE - May 2nd.

Has everyone dried out yet? My gear is stinking the garage out. Tonight is the first evening series match so I will give everything an airing tonight. I have no pole now as it's in for repair, so rod and line for me tonight. The match at Coking was pretty much a washout. The weather was truely awful and a few sane people packed up and went home. There was little chance of presenting a float easily and casting a method to the island was a total lottery. Shame things were so attrocious as the fishing there is usually a lot better. It was clear the big lake was not fishing as the winning weight for the lake was just 17lb. We've only got 1 more match to get our weights up for the knock-out. Todber is usually a great venue for catching carp, so let's hope we have a better match.

SITE UPDATE - March 16th.

Results from Whitemoor are up. It was a tough day for most, very hard for others. The bright sunshine and warmer temperatures had an effect on the skimmers for a lot of people. As always Whitemoor is a great leveller adn as such everyone must feel they had a chance to win their section. The score boards now have the worst 2 results removed and as such everyone has a keeper of a score to take forwards. Don't forget we drop the 2 worst results so it's not all lost if you've had a rought start to the season. Our next match is at Coking, which I'm sure everyone is looking forward to.

SITE UPDATE - Februay 20th.

Results from Orchard are up. I think for most of us it was the first time we've had to break the ice on one of our matches. I personally have never fished in such artic conditions and it definitely had an impact on the fish. Looking at the results it did appear to be really peggy, which is a shame as Orchard is normally one of the fairest venues around and anyone can win. You gotta feel for Trev as he got up and some stupid time to make the match driving over from Kent. He caught a few fish and then had to drive all the way over to North Devon that same day. I like that level of commitment. For those that were on a few fish and had end pegs it really did make a difference to the weights. The knock-out is now live and these weights have made quite a contrast from top to bottom.

Our next match is at Whitemoor on March 11th. Hopefully the weather will warm up and we can all have a nice day of skimmer fishing.

SITE UPDATE - January 9th

Sunday saw the arrival of the 2012 season and thankfully the weather was great, some might even say pleasant. I can't remeber fishing in just a top in January before. Last year at Whitemoor it was like the baltic! The fishing was unsurprisingly good for most and a decent net of silvers was had by quite a few. The day started with members pairing up again for the season ahead in a bid to topple last year's champions Barry and Martin. If you would like to fish the pairs and have no partner, please post on the forum and hopefully we can find you someone. Sadly I didn't realise that Shev and Kendal were without partners as I got stuck with 'Slodger / dry nets' Brian again. It's ok Brian I'll show you what end of the pole to use at the next match.

So after a bit of a mess up with the addition of the weights Pete Arnold was belately declared the winner of the day and has picked up the gold peg pot for his efforts. I thought it was highly amusing that he had won, but due to some ropey maths was rather annoyed leaving the venue thiking he'd lost. Some may have thought it was a conspiracy, however I know maths is not some of our comittee members strong points. The lake winners on the day were Pete Arnold on Spring with 45lb 7oz, Chris Gover (Stitch) on Canal with 34lb 10oz and myself with 42lb 7oz on the 'lake of death' Willow. Willow had 7 of last year's top 10 involved so the competiton for points was even more fierce. I wonder if Barry has stopped moaning yet??

Please note that we have the presentation evening is only a couple of weekends away. This year we have a good cross section of winners so we're not going to see all the trophies infront of Pete again! Hope to see you all then.


SITE UPDATE - December 12th

The final match of the season yesterday was greeted with some unseasonably decent weather, admittedly it was a bit blowy and drizzly, however considering last year we'd have had to get the ice breakers out it was a great end to the season. Everything was up for grabs which made for a tense and exciting final match. The knockout comp had Barry James up against Martin Fisher, which was won by Martin with a decent mixed bag from the other side of the lake to Barry. It was good to have some of the major comeptitors for the end of season trophies competing on the same lake, as everyone could see how good or bad they were doing. Well done to Martin for winning the knockout. Unsurprisingly both Martin and Barry were also the victors of the pairs competiton for the year also. They both lead from the early weeks and in all fainess they have both had very good years. The silvers trophy goes to Dick who has amassed a weight of well over 100lb for the season which is commendable considering that most of the venues we fish are mainly carp venues. Never have i seen before someone purposely trying to lose the 'vermin' carp he was snaring yesterday!

Fianlly the Sunday series winner prizes goes to Barry James who actually dropped yesterdy's result. He's fished a great season and fully deservers to win the trophy. It's been a pretty epic battle for the trophy this season with myself, Toby and Neil all vying for top spot. It's been great that no one has run away with it. I think all of us felt the pressure yesterday and with just 2 points seperating 4 people it does make for an even stronger comeptiton next year. Hopefully with Colin's health concerned behind him we can all see another great battle ahead. It all starts again in just 4 weeks on the same venue!

Please can all members put this Friday in their dairies for our AGM, it's important for all members to attend so you can all get your points accross on how you'd like to see the club run. Hope to see you all on Friday.

SITE UPDATE - November 15th

We are only 1 match away from the whole series being over. It only seems like yesterday we were all freezing our jacobs off at Whitemoor after one of the coldest winters ever known. This season has had it's ups and downs for all. Barry James looks to have all but secured the individual championship taking a 1 point lead over Neil Cawley into the final match at Hordle. This should make for a very interresting finale to the season as not only does Barry need to watch Neil, he also needs to keep an eye on Martin Fisher who he's up against in the knock-out final as well. With the weather bound to turn a bit frosty before the next match it should make for a very enjoyable last day and a real leveller for all taking part. WIth loads of silvers to go after there could be some awesome roach and skimmer fishing to be had so make sure you all can come down.

Another reminder that we have our AGM on Friday 16th December, all attendees will be rewarded with a free pint, so no excuses even if it is a Friday night. We need as many members to turn up as possible, especially as we would like to make a few changes to the strucutre and administration of next year's competiton.

Also please note that the fixtures for next season have been announced and are posted here and also under the fixtures tab a the top of the page.

SITE UPDATE - September 23th

All results have been updated on the site and the leaderboard shows Barry still on top, but only by a point. Dandy's fished well considering we took almost all the pegs on the lake. The place fishes much better when there are less people on it. Cormorants were on the following day and the top weight was 180lb from peg 18. Martin won't thank me for putting that up! They only had 6 fishing so it shows that more pressure brings smaller rewards. Our next match sees the resumption of the knock-out. This hasn been put back 3 times now, so Todber should see some people progressing to the next round. Todber has been fishing well. Last weekend a private match saw 5 weights over 100lb the winner with just over 180lb. Please note that Todber provides their own nets so no need to bring any keepnets along. You will still need to bring your landing net though.

SITE UPDATE - June 13th

Results from Sunday's match and the evening series are now up to date. Hopefully everyone is close to dry after the monsoon yesterday. I think it's going to take weeks for my gear to dry off. My van smells like a mangy wet dog with incontinence. Well done to all those that braved the weather and stuck it out. The weights weren't massive and below expectaions, however there weren't too many moans even though we were soaked to the bone. Things are really close now at the top of the Sunday board, with just 3 points seperating 7 anglers. My lead at the top was nice while it lasted, it will be gone after the next match as I am not allowed to fish which means my 5 will be bumped up.

The evening results are still showing Trevor at the top. If he wins he'll be insufferable so we all must make a concerted effort to nobble him in the last 6 matches. Please note there is no evening match this week, which is a our mid-series break. The next match is 22nd June on Willow - Hordle.

The final standings on the knock out competiton are also finalised with the the top 4 in each group going through to the next knock-out phase. The draw will be done before the next match and the fixtures will be posted in the results section before the match.

SITE UPDATE - May 13th

Results for the evening series and last Sunday series have been updated. Not much can be said about Broadlands. The only word that I would use is not the place for this site, needless to say it is only 4 letters long. This does now mean that we are on the lookout for a new venue for the October match, given that I'm down at White Acres on that weekend I hope we move it to another date. My vote is for Todber.

The evening series is now underway and the current leader with a perfect score is Trevor. All matches are at either Hordle or Orchard, rotating each week. I hope we can encourage more of you down at some point before the end of the series.


The results from the first evening series match are now up. We had a decent turnout of 9 which is more than last year. Hopefully more of you will be able to make them over the next 3 months. The evening series runs every Wednesday evening, with the odd exceptions. We draw at 6pm, so it gives everyone plenty of time to get down after work. The first few matches are finished in the dark so a headlamp is an absolute necessity. The matches run on a similar theme to the main competition on Sundays, whereby the lowest aggregate points score at the end of the season wins the trophy. You are allowed to drop 2 results from the 12, so it’s not mandatory to fish every week.

See you all on Sunday at Broadlands.

SITE UPDATE - April 26th

The last match results from Coking Farm have been added. This has given the championship table a shake up again. Coking was a difficult venue for many as the weights seemed to come from one side of the lake and from a small split of pegs. As most of us have never fished the venue before it was a learning curve in where the fish were and how they were feeding. I think our next match up there will be more interesting as we’ve all seen what works and perhaps what doesn’t. As most will have seen the pellet waggler worked pretty well in the open water and those with an island chuck did ok on the method. I think most of the fish were in a spawning mood and perhaps weren’t feeding as vigorously as expected. Considering the number smaller carp stocked into the lake recently it was strange how only a few caught them. Next match is only 2 weeks away at Broadlands. The weather has been great recently so the fish should have finished spawning and hopefully looking to fill their empty bellies up on our bait.

Don’t forget that we have the kids training day and first match this weekend at Horde Lakes. We are happy to welcome any senior members down who want to help out and give some tuition to the juniors. With just a few pointers the juniors will hopefully take something away and improve their results for the coming season.


SITE UPDATE - March 21st

Results from last week's match are up. Dick has taken over the lead in the championship after both he and his partner Trevor had a flawless weekend, both achieving section wins. Orchard was another tough test for most on the main lake with very few fish being caught, epsecially the carp. Darel moaned like hell all day, but what's new there! The other lakes fished very well by all accounts with a lot more fish being caught.
I'm working on some major updates to the site, which will add more features as well as hopefully a better way of showing the results and tables. Adding punds and ounces is not easy in excel and adding up the results every week is very time consuming. Next match is Coking Farm, a new one for most of us. I think some will be going up for some practice before the match so keep your eyes on the forum for some reports.

Trev's 16lb

Trev's 16lb kipper from Orchard Main Lake.

SITE UPDATE - March 2nd

The results for the second match at Hordle are now live. The draw for the knock-out has been done and is available in the results section. Please take note of your league as you'll need to be in the top 4 to go through to the knock-out proper starting in July.

The Angling Times match taking place this weekend is against Orchard and the IOW teams. The venue has been decided as Whitemoor. Given the weather this week and the sub zero night temperatures we could well be struggling to see weights into double figures. It has been decided that those that finished within the top 10 positions last year in the overall championship have qualified to fish on our behalf. This should hopefully give everyone who has asked the answers they were looking for to see who the lucky few were. It also gives those that have missed out, namely myself, a goal to aim for this year. We all wish them luck in the contest and hopefully they will show the other teams who the top club is around here!

Well done to our 2010 trophy winners from the awards ceremony:

2010 trophy winners


First Match report

So the first match of the season went according to expectations, the weather tuned sour, we all got soaked and not much was caught. We did however have a really good turnout of 25 anglers, which was looking like being more had the ferries and other things not conspired against the unlucky few. In some ways those that made it out didn't have to suffer the howling wind that was threatening on Saturday. It must be conceded that the fishing wasn't exactly epic, with everyone bar my pairs partner Brian managing to catch. Essentially it was a 'carpe diem' day where everyone felt that with a lucky lump they would win. Sadly the carpe weren't palying so it was a carpe-less day.The winner was Richi Lines, with 2 carp and a smattering of silvers. All those that hoped for a carp were unfortunately let down by their absence. It was the usual stories of lost fish and excuses at the weigh in, which ultimately resulted in just Richi limping a weight into the double digit region. Needless to say those doing the weigh-in weren't struggling hauling in the keepnets. Considering that this venue is a good leveller we should consider this for the Angling Times match up against the Isle of Wight and Orchard teams we've been paired with this season. Hopefully with improving weather and sustained temperatures the next venue, which is Hordle will bring bigger weights. The match results have been added to the site and under the results tab above. This is very basic right now. I just need to add this to the database and get things looking pretty.

Also on Sunday the final of teh knockout competiton was decided with Barry James defeating Terry Rodwell. It was fairly one sided with Terry just scraping over 1lb to Barry's 6lb. If the carp had shown it could have been a different story. Well done to Barry on the win, with the trophy being presented on Satuday.

All those that want to become a new member will no probably have to wait until next yeart as we are now approaching our maximum quota. With the current level of full memebers standing at over 30 with more to come it should make for an interresting summer with some sure to be disappointed.

Some of you may not have realised, but we now have a chat forum (see link above) which has resulted in a few people scratching their heads trying to create an account. In order to stop the site being filled up with SPAM (no not the stuff we use on our hooks), I have installed a few questions in the sign up process that some find difficult to answer. Firstly, when asked "are you a bot?" The answer is 'no', which just means changing the default answer from 'yes'. Secondly it also asks you for the middle number in the sequence, which is 7 (it also states this in the question). Once you have completed the sign up you will get an email that you click on to verify your username. So please be careful typing your email address. If you have already tried to create a user account please try again. I think the chat forum is a good place for everyone to bring up any questinos about the club or for a bit of banter.

I will also be adding some photos to the site this week. Due to the poor weather we only got a handul of decent pictures to stick up, so we must do more at the next match. It would also be good to get some pictures from the presentation evening. So all please bring along your cameras and send me the evidence next week please.

The JUNIOR SECTION has now been updated with the fixtures for next year. We are also planning a junior training day, where the kids can pick up some helpful tips to make next season more of a success as well as a useful means of learning how those more experienced anglers approach the sport. Anyone willing to help out please get in touch. We are planning on making full use of the failities for the teaching day, more will be announced nearer the time.

See you on Saturday.

News January 2011

Here's the first ever website for the New Milton Angling Club. This is just a first draft with loads more to come. We are currently tendering the advertising spots as we are sure to get thousands, if not milliions of daily visitors. I'm sure the world wants to read how Ken and Pete use the splodger to such devastating effect. If there is anything that anyone wants added to the site the please get in touch. As you can see I've added the spots for a forum and also some of our fishing pictures (no this is not going to be a reader's wives area Trev!). I'll be adding these bits to the site in the coming weeks so hold fire.

With the 2010 season now drawn to a close thoughts go towards the new season and learning from what went wrong for most of us (time keeping for me!!). The good thing is that the new season is only a few weeks away with the first match of the season pencilled in for 16th January. Hopefully the arctic conditions will ease and the water will be free of ice, although given that the country is currently at a standstill due to the snow it doesn't look promising.

The weekend after the first match (Saturday 22nd January 2011) is the Presentation Evening at New Milton Rugby Club. The ceremony starts at 8pm so it is exepcted that everyone should be aiming to be there for 7.30pm (I'll aim for 6pm just to be on the safe side). There are rumours that there might even be a few drinks on the club to grese the wheels. Please come along for a fantastic evening of fun, food, drinking and Trevor dancing. It’s a night for the whole family.

Also we have the results from last year under the results section above. This will of course be tweaked in due course, but you should be able to see everything, if not please contact me on the contact page please. I hope to have this updated a couple of days, holidays and work permitting, after each match.

See you all in the New Year.